Welcome to 333 Cafe

Hey Kids! Chef John Futia and I will be at the 333 making good food check out the menu… and other nightly additions and changes…ready for pick-up and be willing to make deliveries. Please call in advance! We want to keep everyone happy and safe!!- Lib & John

As of Friday the specials are…. Shrimp Bake -Capellini with sundried tomatoes, olives, herbs, white wine and Feta cheese, 4 Cheese Tortellini Primavera with Garlic Cream Sauce( add chicken and or Shrimp), Pan Seared NY Strip Steak with Red Wine & Mushroom Demi Glace, Chef John’s Chicken a’ la King (an old school favorite), Breaded Turkey Cutlet with Smoked Sausage Cream (PS.. Chicken Fried Turkey).
Call us there might be more… or less… we are scrambling!

for dessert we have .. Crème brulee( please bring me back the container), Traditional Key lime pie!, Gluten free chocolate cake.

Just FYI we have had some calls from folks checking us out on Delivery sites, not to be mentioned. I have NOT signed up with any of them, as they take a big %% of the bill. I’d rather hire someone who needs the $$ to deliver food. Also, if you are looking at one of these sites.. they do not have the current menu or nightly specials. (If you are reading this.. you have come to the right place!!)– thanks for your support!

Our menu might seem small but call us for the additions to the menu based on daily shopping! you can talk to Chef John!