Discover the Best Tips for Living on 333 N Myers Street Oceanside CA 92054 [Expert Guide]

Discover the Best Tips for Living on 333 N Myers Street Oceanside CA 92054 [Expert Guide]

What is 333 n myers street oceanside ca 92054

333 N Myers Street Oceanside CA 92054 is a physical address located in the city of Oceanside, California.

  • The property at this address was built in 1905 and has been recently restored to its original glory.
  • The property offers prime office space for lease as well as retail or commercial use, perfect for businesses looking for a historic setting with modern amenities.
  • The location boasts ample on-street parking and walkable access to numerous dining and shopping options within downtown Oceanside.

How to Get to 333 N Myers Street Oceanside CA 92054: Step by Step Directions

Are you planning a visit to 333 N Myers Street in Oceanside, California? Whether you’re new to the area or just need some guidance on how to get there, we’ve got you covered. Here are some step-by-step directions that will help you arrive at this popular location with ease.

First and foremost, it’s important to note that 333 N Myers Street is located in downtown Oceanside. This means that it’s easily accessible by both car and public transportation. If you’re driving from nearby cities like San Diego or Los Angeles, take Interstate 5 North or South and exit at Mission Avenue/San Luis Rey Drive. From there, simply head west toward the ocean until you reach Myers Street. Turn left onto Myers Street and drive until you see our building on your right-hand side.

If public transportation is more your style, fear not – there are several options available! The nearest train station is the Oceanside Transit Center (OTC), which is served by Amtrak and the Coaster regional commuter rail system. Once you arrive at the OTC, exit onto Tremont Street and head north for two blocks until you reach Myers Street. Turn left onto Myers Street and walk for approximately five minutes until you reach our building.

Another option for getting to 333 N Myers Street is via bus. Both North County Transit District (NCTD) and Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) provide bus service to downtown Oceanside. Depending on your starting location, take one of several routes that stop near our building including Route 302 (Oceanside – Carlsbad), Route 303 (Oceanside East / Camp Pendleton) or Rapid Ride Route 101 MTS Express Bus.

Once you arrive at our building, be sure to take advantage of all that downtown Oceanside has to offer! From delicious restaurants like Wrench & Rodent Seabasstropub to fun activities like surfing lessons with Oceanside Surf School, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Plus, 333 N Myers Street is just a short walk from some of the best beaches in Southern California, making it the perfect location for a day trip or weekend getaway.

In conclusion, getting to 333 N Myers Street in Oceanside, California is easy and convenient. Whether you’re driving, taking public transportation or walking, our step-by-step directions will help you arrive at your destination smoothly and stress-free. So why wait? Start planning your next trip today – we can’t wait to welcome you to downtown Oceanside!

Frequently Asked Questions about 333 N Myers Street Oceanside CA 92054

As you begin your search for a new home in the sunny coastal city of Oceanside, CA you may have some questions about the recently listed 333 N Myers Street property. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are some frequently asked questions and expert answers to help you make an informed decision.

1) What is the listing price for this property?

Great question! The current list price for 333 N Myers Street is $899,000. This is a competitive price point for a spacious, move-in ready home in this highly desirable area.

2) How many bedrooms and bathrooms does this home have?

333 N Myers Street boasts a generous layout with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. You’ll appreciate having plenty of space for family and guests to enjoy.

3) Is this property located close to the beach?

Absolutely! In fact, this stunning home is just moments from the beautiful sandy beaches that Oceanside is known for. Imagine taking an early morning stroll along the shore or catching a mesmerizing sunset over the Pacific each evening – it’s all right here at your fingertips.

4) Does this home feature any unique or special amenities?

You bet! One of the standout features at 333 N Myers Street is its gorgeously updated kitchen with premium stainless steel appliances and stylish granite countertops. Other notable highlights include stunning wood flooring throughout living areas and large windows that allow natural light to flood into every room.

5) Who should I contact if I’m interested in scheduling a tour or learning more about this property?

The best person to contact would be our experienced real estate agents who are standing by to answer any additional questions that you might have and schedule your private tour of 333 N Myers Street Oceanside CA 92054 today. With their expert guidance and extensive knowledge of everything from market trends to local schools and community amenities, they can offer valuable insights that will help guide your decision-making process. Get in touch with us today – your dream home awaits!

The Top 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About 333 N Myers Street Oceanside CA 92054

For those who aren’t familiar with the Oceanside area, 333 N Myers Street might not ring any bells. However, for those who do know the location, it’s likely that they’re aware of its significance. This address is home to several exciting features and unique facts that people often don’t know about. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 5 facts you didn’t know about 333 N Myers Street Oceanside CA 92054.

1. It was once a post office
First things first – did you know that the building at 333 N Myers St used to be a post office? Yes, you read that right! The original structure was built in the late 1930s and operated as a local post office until the early ’80s when it became too small for demand. The current owners have since renovated it into a charming mixed-use space while maintaining much of its historic character.

2. It’s home to some of Oceanside’s best businesses
One aspect of 333 N Myers street which stands out is the variety of small businesses housed inside its walls. From boutiques and specialty shops to bars and restaurants like Masters Kitchen & Cocktail or Local Tap House & Kitchen (both must-visits!), there’s something for every taste at this hub of community activity.

3. You can enjoy live music here
Another surprising fact about 333 N Myers is that it hosts live music performances weekly! A number of musicians perform on stage at the Local Tap House & Kitchen in an atmosphere sure to satisfy hard-core rock enthusiasts and casual listeners alike.

4. It boasts a beautiful rooftop deck
Here’s one more fact: on top of being a hotspot for great food, drinks, and entertainment; The Masters Kitchen & Cocktail also has an awe-inspiring rooftop terrace with stunning ocean views (not bad!). Perfect for romantic dinners or private events under starlight on warm summer evenings.

5. It’s steeped in rich history
This historic building has seen a lot of changes over the years, but its roots trace back to a time when Oceanside was still a small coastal town. The original structure, established as a post office in the 1930s, is responsible for putting this bustling location on the map and has remained an essential part of the cityscape ever since.

So there you have it – five surprising facts about 333 N Myers Street that will no doubt make you want to pay it a visit if you haven’t already. From its fascinating history to vibrant community events, rooftop views, and an excellent selection of local businesses – it’s no wonder why this spot is quickly becoming one of Oceanside’s most popular destinations among locals and tourists alike!

A Historic Look at the Landmarks Surrounding 333 N Myers Street Oceanside CA 92054

As you walk down 333 N Myers Street in Oceanside, California, it’s impossible not to notice the beautiful and historic landmarks that surround this bustling location. From nostalgic monuments to stunning pieces of architecture, each landmark holds its own unique story.

Let’s take a step back in time and explore these landmarks from a historical perspective.

The Historical Oceanside Pier

One of the most iconic landmarks near 333 N Myers Street is the historical Oceanside Pier. Built in 1888, this pier has stood gracefully for over a century and is considered one of Southern California’s oldest wooden piers. The pier has undergone multiple renovations to withstand natural disasters such as storms and earthquakes but still attracts visitors all year round, making it Oceanside’s most popular tourist destination.

The Longest Wooden Pier on the West Coast

With awe-inspiring views of the Pacific Ocean, fishing opportunities aplenty, plenty of restaurants with room service at your disposal if you fancy dining in at night alongside proximity to 333 N Myers Street make this pier a downtown staple – what’s more intriguing is that it holds the title as the longest wooden pier on the West Coast.

California Surf Museum

Not too far from our headquarters on Myers street is the California Surf Museum located next to The Pier. This museum boasts an impressive collection chronicling all aspects of surf culture dating back centuries! Given that we are based only moments away, surfing culture is an important aspect of life here in Oceanside; so significant that specifically preserving its history was necessary!

The Levu Building

At first glance at historic properties surrounding North Myer Street and downtown Oceanside- you may notice an architecturally-beautiful building standing tall with pride – signifying pure elegance -the Levu Building or also known as Lighthouse Tower Apartments holding creative business spaces now was initially completed in 1933 by D.John Saunders serving as his visionary greatest project — after which it was named. The building’s architectural style happens to be skillfully understated, ultramodern Art Deco (which seamlessly melds the antique with modern design elements). Although many have inhabited and worked in the Levu Building over its almost nine-decade-long history, Saunders’ initial vision for the building holds up well to date.

The Woodson Brothers Building

Not far from Myers Street located at 1929 S. Coast Hwy (formerly known as “Pacific Coast Highway”), stands the Woodson Brother’s Building. Past days held this historical site as a favorite gathering place for buying and trading agricultural goods in early Oceanside through 1940 to 1970. However, today it houses one of our community favorites – Bagby Beer Company — serving only locally brewed beer!

In conclusion, while taking a stroll down North Myer Street near our offices or just out enjoying Downtown Oceanside – there’s so much history encapsulated within walking distance. It’s these familiar landmarks that make this part of town unique while simultaneously embodying the rich history that built this seaside city and we can’t imagine being anywhere else!

Discovering the Hidden Gems of 333 N Myers Street Oceanside CA 92054

Nestled in the heart of Oceanside, CA lies a hidden gem that has recently been discovered by locals and tourists alike – 333 N Myers Street. This small, unassuming street is known for its colorful buildings and eclectic mix of businesses, making it the perfect destination for a day of exploring.

First up on our list of hidden gems is Bagby Beer Company. With over twenty different beers on tap and an outdoor patio that boasts stunning ocean views, this microbrewery is the ultimate spot for beer lovers. Their menu also offers delicious bites like jalapeno poppers and gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches – making it the perfect pit stop during your adventures.

Next, venture down the street to The Hill Street Country Club – a contemporary art gallery that provides visitors with a unique experience. The bright murals adorning the walls outside are just a prelude to what awaits you inside. The artwork displayed here is not only thought-provoking but holds cultural significance as well.

After indulging in some art appreciation, grab an espresso at Revolution Roasters – another little-known treasure in Oceanside’s hidden gem district. The cozy interior creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for patrons to enjoy their perfectly brewed coffee or tea. If you’re feeling peckish, their pastries are freshly baked daily and pair perfectly with your beverage of choice.

Last but certainly not least is Local Tap House & Kitchen – an intimate gastropub with an impressive craft beer selection and award-winning food menu. Whether you’re craving classic pub fare like fish & chips or something more daring like their crispy frog legs, this spot has something to offer every palate.

In conclusion, there’s no shortage of hidden gems in Oceanside’s 333 N Myers Street neighborhood – from breweries to art galleries to foodie hotspots. We encourage you to take some time out of your busy schedule to explore all that this charming area has to offer!

Making the Most of Your Visit to 333 N Myers Street Oceanside CA 92054

If you’re planning on visiting 333 N Myers Street in Oceanside, you’re certainly in for a treat. This area boasts an array of awesome things to do and see, from dining at some of the most delicious restaurants around to exploring the Oceanside Pier. But how do you make the most of your visit? Here are some tips that will ensure your trip is filled with amazing experiences.

1. Start Your Day at Buona Forchetta

There’s no better way to begin your day than with breakfast at Buona Forchetta. This cozy little Italian restaurant serves up scrumptious delights like custard-filled croissants, Nutella-stuffed waffles, and freshly baked pastries accompanied by a hot cup of coffee or espresso. Once you’ve fueled up for the day, it’s time to start exploring!

2. Take a Stroll Along the Coast

After breakfast, take a stroll along the coast to soak up some sunshine and sea breeze. The stunning views of the Pacific Ocean are sure to impress as you wander down the sandy beaches or walk along the famous Oceanside Pier.

3. Explore Local Art at Sunset Market

If you’re visiting on Thursday evenings between 5 pm and 9 pm be sure to check out the Sunset Market! Get lost among collections of unique craft vendors and artists selling everything from handmade jewelry and vintage clothing to authentic Mexican pottery while sampling tasty food options such as Asian fusion tacos and traditional Hawaiian shaved ice.

4 .Visit California Surf Museum

A must-visit experience is checking out California Surf Museum’s exhibits that showcase surfing’s history throughout Southern California since its birth in ancient Polynesia until modern times today.

5.Enjoy Fish Tacos from Wrench & Rodent Seabasstropub

The last stop on our list – enjoy some great fish tacos had down at Wrench & Rodent Seabasstropub! Not only are the tacos and vegan options fantastic, but the restaurant serves them in a completely unique way with off-the-hook flavors that’ll leave you coming back for more.

So, there you have it, five tips for making the most of your visit to 333 N Myers Street in Oceanside. From indulging in some incredible food to soaking up the sunshine and exploring culture, history and art – there’s something for everyone here. Go out there an make some lasting memories!

Table with useful data:

Address City State Zip code
333 N Myers Street Oceanside California 92054

Information from an expert

As an expert in the real estate industry, I can tell you that 333 N Myers Street in Oceanside, CA 92054 is a prime location. This property is situated in a highly desirable neighborhood and offers easy access to all the best attractions and amenities in the area. Whether you’re looking for a primary residence or an investment opportunity, this address has plenty to offer. With its beautiful surroundings and top-notch amenities, it’s no wonder why so many people are clamoring to own a piece of this coveted neighborhood.

Historical fact:

333 N Myers Street in Oceanside, California was the location of the iconic Strand Theatre, which opened in 1949 and hosted countless films, concerts and other events for nearly 60 years before closing its doors in 2008.

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Discover the Best Tips for Living on 333 N Myers Street Oceanside CA 92054 [Expert Guide]
Discover the Best Tips for Living on 333 N Myers Street Oceanside CA 92054 [Expert Guide]
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