Discovering the Charm of 333 Bayville Ave, Bayville NY 11709: A Hidden Gem in Long Island

Discovering the Charm of 333 Bayville Ave, Bayville NY 11709: A Hidden Gem in Long Island

Short answer 333 bayville ave bayville ny 11709:

333 Bayville Ave is a residential address located in the village of Bayville, NY. It has a zip code of 11709 and is situated on the North Shore of Long Island.

How to Navigate 333 Bayville Ave Bayville NY 11709 with Ease

Navigating new areas can be daunting, especially when you’re unfamiliar with the streets and landmarks. However, fear not – navigating Bayville NY is a breeze! In particular, getting to 333 Bayville Ave might seem tricky at first, but with a little guidance and some clever tips, you’ll find yourself arriving seamlessly in no time.

Firstly, it’s important to know that 333 Bayville Ave is located in the gorgeous village of Bayville on Long Island. This area is known for its picturesque coastal scenery and charming small-town feel. So before we start our navigation journey, take a moment to appreciate your surroundings!

Now onto business – how do we get there? If you’re driving from out of town or unfamiliar with the area, using GPS will prove helpful. Simply punch in the address (333 Bayville Ave) into your preferred map app and follow along as it guides you step-by-step.

However, if you prefer old-fashioned measures like memorizing directions beforehand or asking locals for help (which can never hurt), then here are some guidelines:

Approaching from Oyster Bay:
– Head northeast towards Center St.
– Turn right onto Shore Ave
– Turn left onto Ludlam Pl
– Continue straight onto School St
– Turn right onto Mountain Ave
– Take another right on Sound Beach Rd
– Finally turn left onto Bayville Ave
– And voila – you’ve arrived at 333 Bayville Avenue

Coming via Glen Cove:
If approaching from Glen Cove using Front Street
-Turn Right on Bridge street until this leads through winding roads under an overpass
-Pass Morgan park entrance sign until James PL makes an appearance
-take James Lane heading north staying within apexes till Locust Valley Road appears
-Move around turns till Cottage Row on Left which follows directly after Cypress Drive & Locust Lea Ln junction
-Finish up by following Isaac Cox Ln To arrive at Bayville Ave where the final left turn leads you to 333 Bayville Avenue.

These directions should give you a general idea of how to get there, but once in the area, landmarks and visual cues might be more helpful. For example, look out for local businesses as reference points such as: heading east from Ludlam Place check-out ‘The Piping Pig’, Solomon’s Deli or Dunkin’. On Sound Beach Road Shell gas station will stand out and on Bayville Avenue refresh yourself with The Youngs Farm stand before turning down Tripp lane that brings you directly onto your destination right afterward.

Furthermore, consider downloading apps like “Waze” or “Maps.Me,” which provide real-time navigation based on traffic updates and road closures. It’ll help avoid any unexpected detours along the way while also providing insight into emerging shortcuts – particularly if locals are suggesting an alternative route due to pollution issues around surrounding areas.

In conclusion finding your way to 333 Bayville Ave is relatively effortless after becoming familiar with surroundings incorporating scenic Long Island views, winding roads & inviting atmosphere establishing strong characteristics similarly seen throughout neighbouring communities treasure hunting tourists adore.This community prides themselves amidst coastal coves weavers of together leading them socially one of Nassau County finest have fun exploring!

A Step-by-Step Tour of 333 Bayville Ave Bayville NY 11709: What to Expect

Welcome to the virtual tour of 333 Bayville Ave, Bayville NY. We’re sure you’re eager to explore this stunning property, and we’ll guide you through each step with vivid descriptions, professional insight, and maybe even a dose of wit.


As soon as you enter the premises, your eyes will be caught by a beautifully landscaped front yard adorned with blooming flowers and shrubs. The house boasts an impeccable exterior design that exudes sophistication from every angle. There’s something about its classic lines mixed with modern influences that makes it stand out in days gone by.

Living Area:

It’s no secret; prospective buyers are always interested in seeing a spacious living area where family gatherings can happen comfortably. Luckily for them, 333 Bayville Ave checks off all those boxes! As you enter through the ornate double doors into the living room, immediately taking note of sizable interior dimensions – vaulted ceilings included – making even larger furniture pieces seem at home here.

Kitchen Space:

Arguably one of our favorite rooms in any house is the kitchen space. And trust us when we say that there is nothing lackluster about this one! With ample cabinets (more than enough storage), built-in appliances offering sleek design touches like stainless steel accents or soft-close drawers on pull-out shelves mean easy access plus time-saving convenience shortcuts such as incorporating push-open cabinet doors!

Bedrooms & Bathrooms

The master bedroom features large walk-in closet space fittingly complemented by en suite bathroom highlights creating elegance effortlessly personified here architectural patterns intertwined throughout cedarwood cladding evoke cozying up around roaring flame fireplace hearths instead reading engrossing book nestled under luxurious comforter dappled sunlight breaks moments between trees just outside windowpanes projecting ambiance from backyard spreads leads way towards two more secondary bedrooms well-placed windows natural light abounds too providing cheerful aspects conducive quiet unwinding accommodations after long busy day used to produce.

Outdoor Area:

The backyard is home to unparalleled tranquillity, and it’s perfect for outdoor living. Picture yourself entertaining guests on the patio while grilling up dinner on the barbecue. The swimming pool catches an abundance of sunbeams that cast a shimmering effect over its crystal-clear waters throughout the day, making it delightful for those warm summer afternoons followed by watching picturesque nighttime skies painted against open canvas given backdrop light pollution-free bay views way back where memories begotten between locals families who have passed down traditions time honored generation gatherings around similarly designed furniture adjacent pool area seating arrangement exudes coziness under warm glow of sunset diffuse into twilight bliss with illumination from ambient floor lights inviting rejuvenation spaces just make you want savor every moment possible.

We hope our step-by-step tour gave you a glimpse of what makes 333 Bayville Ave such a remarkable property. From stunning exterior design being backed up by generous interior dimensions & well equipped kitchen space through awe-inspiring bedrooms plus bathrooms delivering peace unrivalled …to serene outdoor areas, this house offers grandeur both inside out – welcome any discerning buyer awaits chance call it ‘home!’

So if you’re looking to experience luxury living at its finest and impress your family members in their largest-come-together occasions while taking advantage gorgeous North Shore surroundings then prepare book a viewing appointment today or miss out forever quality according homes like these are few-far-between won’t be available lasting long!.

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Living at or Visiting 333 Bayville Ave Bayville NY 11709.

If you’re planning to live at or visit 333 Bayville Ave in Bayville, NY 11709, there are a few things you need to know beforehand. This charming little town located next to the Long Island Sound offers a unique blend of small-town nature and beachy amenities. So without further ado, here are the top five facts that can make your life easier while living at or visiting 333 Bayville Avenue.

1) The Beach is Just Around the Corner

Living so close to the ocean has its perks! A short walk from the main street takes you right onto one of two beaches: Stehli Public Beach or West Harbor Memorial Park Beach. The former is free for all visitors while the other requires an entrance fee which supports local building maintenance and children’s summer camp programs.

2) Plenty of Outdoor Activities Available

Bayville residents have access to numerous recreational facilities such as parks, hiking trails, tennis courts, and more. Residents may also utilize common spaces like Tanner Park where community events are hosted throughout the year.

3) Delicious Local Food Options Abound!

Besides enjoying fresh seafood with stunning views at seaside restaurants like Taby’s Burger House or Shipwreck Tavern (which both offer scenic water-side dining), locals rave about Greasy Nick’s hotdogs cart – a quaint roadside treasure established since1955 that stands out for its thick juicy dogs made from beef and pork blended together; perfect grab-and-go bites after spending some time at nearby beaches.

4) Historical Heritage Is Well-Preserved Here

Bayville is not exactly known for being on par with New York City’s vibrant museum scene but still makes up for it with its historic landmarks preserving moments worth remembering including Wat Wepummin Monument & Oyster Mill Museum which houses artifacts dated back over two centuries ago!

5) Commuting To Work May Be Challenging For Some

With no train station within city limits residents will rely upon road transportation for commuting outside of area. Although during peak hours commutes can be a headache drivers will appreciate the scenic route which lies directly through waterfront areas, driving east towards Oyster Bay or west towards Sands Point and Port Washington.

In conclusion, living at or visiting 333 Bayville Avenue in Bayville offers various activities to enjoy such as beaches and local eateries while also being steeped with cultural history – but try not to get too overwhelmed by traffic when traveling out of town!

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Discovering the Charm of 333 Bayville Ave, Bayville NY 11709: A Hidden Gem in Long Island
Discovering the Charm of 333 Bayville Ave, Bayville NY 11709: A Hidden Gem in Long Island
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