Discovering the Charm of 333 East Ocean Boulevard: Exploring the Heart of Long Beach

Discovering the Charm of 333 East Ocean Boulevard: Exploring the Heart of Long Beach

Short answer 333 East Ocean Boulevard: Located in Long Beach, California, 333 East Ocean Boulevard is a postmodern high-rise building that houses office and retail space. Completed in 1990, it stands at 433 feet tall and has been recognized for its unique design by the American Institute of Architects.

How Does 333 East Ocean Boulevard Stand Out in Long Beach’s Landscape?

Long Beach is a vibrant and dynamic coastal city in Southern California that boasts a rich cultural heritage, stunning beaches, and impressive architectural landmarks. Among these iconic structures stands the awe-inspiring 333 East Ocean Boulevard – an elegant high-rise building that has become the crown jewel of Long Beach’s skyline.

At first glance, it’s easy to see how this towering structure has captured the hearts and imaginations of residents and visitors alike. With its sleek lines, striking glass facade, and commanding height of 396 feet, 333 East Ocean Boulevard immediately catches the eye from miles around. But there are many details about this remarkable edifice that make it stand out even further.

Firstly, one cannot overlook its historic significance: known as One World Trade Center before being renamed US Bank Tower in recent years. Completed in 1975 at a cost of $55 million dollars (an astronomical sum at the time), this building was originally intended to serve as the international headquarters for former aerospace giant Douglas Aircraft Company. It was later acquired by Maguire Properties when they took control over Ray Watt Construction after closing on property assets worth billions back in October of 2018.

But beyond its historical importance lies something even more significant – its unwavering commitment to sustainability. What sets 333 East Ocean Boulevard apart from other buildings in Long Beach is its emphasis on energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. This skyscraper features advanced technologies such as advanced HVAC systems controlled through machine learning algorithms which optimize performance while preserving indoor air quality; ultra-efficient LED lighting fixtures; photovoltaic panels scattered throughout the exterior glass walls allowing natural sunlight penetration but filtering UV rays offering thermal insulation ensuring better internal temperature regulation – all leading edge sustainable techniques designed with comfort alongside sustainability considerations.

The Building also focuses significantly on tenant satisfaction making their visit worthwhile creating arguably comfortable interior living spaces within unparalleled views across Santa Monica Bay or Palos Verdes hills throughout downtown’s busy streets pulling guests sightseeing experience into their office environments.

Furthermore, none can deny the sheer beauty of 333 East Ocean Boulevard. It boasts a juxtaposition between its classicism-inspired grandeur and modern design with panoramic views on all sides allowing occupants amazing natural light while feeling connected to one of America’s busiest industrial harbors – something thoroughly unique within context here in California where port operations are amongst largest globally.

Finally, this spectacular building is located in the heart of Long Beach’s bustling downtown district- an area that’s brimming with cultural offerings such as theaters, restaurants, bars, music venues and creative spaces for entrepreneurs alike adjacent to all major transport hubs serving commuters from surrounding communities within greater Los Angeles Area making it increasingly desirable both as destination or homebase accessible via plethora transit lines catered by Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority among others servicing Port Hueneme up north through Torrance South encompassing many industries including casual beach goers who wish explore further attractions along scenic coastline one wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity discover vibrant neighborhood hosted by US Bank Tower now inviting visitors flock observe changes upon its renewal under Maguire company leadership which will continue shape city skyline visage seamlessly embodying existing landscape but transforming future development integrating new technologies alongside architectural convention aimed meeting today’ business environmental community needs envisions progressive neighborhoods equipped provide remarkable quality services without sacrificing lifespan either sustainability factor comfort for residents welcoming visitors alike.

A Step-by-Step Tour of 333 East Ocean Boulevard: Exploring Its History and Features

333 East Ocean Boulevard is a prominent building that has stood for many years in the heart of downtown Long Beach, California. Combining modern and historical architecture, this beautifully designed skyscraper offers both functional office space and stylish residential suites. But what are some of its unique features? What makes this building stand out from other skyscrapers lining the streets? In this article, we take you on a step-by-step tour around 333 East Ocean Boulevard to explore its history and distinctive features.


First, let’s delve into the history behind 333 East Ocean Boulevard. The site where it currently stands was once home to First National Bank Building back in 1924. It was then later purchased by J.Walter Thompson Advertising Agency which had served as their headquarters for over fifty years.

In 1998 Ratkovich Company acquired the property with plans to revamp it up with entirely new infrastructure while holding onto its original charm by keeping several elements intact within the construction – like lobby murals (believed to be painted by artist Tony Sheets) were carefully restored along with signage plates belonging to major tenants who occupied these offices long ago.


The exterior of 333 East Ocean Boulevard is lined with curved glass panes measuring more than six feet wide – adding an interesting visual element during nightime lighting designs that manifest differently each day through varying light conditions inside/outside reflections angles!

Upon entering through its double-height entryway accented with polished stone walls carved out of granite blocks sourced from Italy; visitors will find themselves surrounded by dark hardwood finishes contrasted against exposed concrete ceilings giving off an industrial chic vibe while still maintaining sophistication at every turn.

As they walk further into the interior portion one can distinguish three distinct areas including retail located on lower floors followed immediately after high-end residential spaces above right before leading into levels dedicated solely towards commercial use complete conference rooms facilities catering businesses & etcetera- all offered across vertical transport installations consisting elevators and escalators all leading towards designated areas for convenience.

The scale of the building is also impressive, rising forty stories above ground level with over 450,000 square feet of rentable office or living space available. It boasts an eco-friendly design specifically aiming to break away from traditional power sources in favor introducing new ones such as photovoltaic arrays within skylights capable producing clean energy early hours till sunset; automatic light sensors are thrown across public restrooms hallways making sure nobody’s using more than they should be at any given time reducing overall utility expenses without compromising comfort or productivity levels during occupancy periods.

Several communal spaces on offer include a well-appointed fitness center housed upon its roof, staffed by knowledgeable personal trainers so that occupants could maintain their physical health while enjoying gorgeous panoramic views out towards oceana…and beyond!

In conclusion, it’s clear to see why 333 East Ocean Boulevard is one of Long Beach’s most iconic buildings. Not only does it feature beautiful architecture and state-of-the-art facilities but has got an interesting history behind its construction – a story worthy telling! From large open plan workplaces to intimate luxury homes this structure offers chic occupational spaces reflecting modern technological advancements aimed toward environmental sustainability growth enabling tenants achieve ultimate comfort too. Overall thoroughly unconventional yet stylish affair crafted with tasteful artistic contributions offering inclusive facilities underpinning commercial vitality boosting metropolitan community cohesion through combined residential/commercial features already resident there now calling home unprecedented vistas amidst urban sprawls along California coastline!

Top 5 Facts About 333 East Ocean Boulevard: FAQ for Curious Minds

333 East Ocean Boulevard, also known as the International Tower, is a renowned office building located in Long Beach, California. This iconic structure has been standing tall since 1966 and has become a significant landmark in the city.

With its unique architecture, prime location and rich history, there’s plenty to wonder about. To satisfy your curiosity, we’ve compiled this FAQ with our top 5 facts about 333 East Ocean Boulevard that will surely pique your interest and impress your friends.

1) What Makes The International Tower So Unique?

The International Tower was designed by architects William Pereira & Associates and stands at 400 feet high with 32 floors. Its design represents a shift away from traditional steel-framed buildings of the time towards pioneering concrete tubular construction techniques.

Its distinctive shape features cylindrical balconies spaced at regular intervals around the exterior of the building’s main tower block. These balconies provide both visual interest as well as function as shades to reduce solar gain for occupants on sunny days.

Also noteworthy are six sloping columns extending from below street level to support an external walkway between two annexes of the building which incorporate offices as well as retail spaces.

2) Who Occupies Space Within The Building?

Over five hundred tenants occupy space within its walls spanning across various sectors including finance, technology startups and law firms among others. Some notable companies that have called it home include Verizon Wireless (formerly MCI WorldCom), KPMG LLP accounting firm and several branches of financial institutions like Citibank N.A., Comerica Bank.

3) What Conveniences Are Nearby The International Tower?

Besides having breathtaking views of surrounding areas such Shoreline Village Park overlooking Rainbow Harbor waterfront area entertainment district outfitted restaurants ranging from sushi joints bars pubs eateries variety shopping options enough fulfill every need those working residing or exploring Mall much more!

4) Was It Featured In Popular Media Or TV Shows/Films?

You may have seen the distinctive building in several popular media productions. It was featured prominently in TV shows such as Dexter, Californication and S.W.A.T., as well as films including In Time (2011) which starred Justin Timberlake.

5) Are There Any Interesting Stories Surrounding The International Tower?

The International Tower has a storied past. One interesting story involved the FBI calling 333 East Ocean Boulevard their temporary headquarters after they had raided both city hall and the police department’s offices for corruption investigations taking place at that time.

Another anecdote pertains to one of its residents who perished when her pet dog set fire accidentally to her apartment near top floor resulting fatality smoke inhalation mishap happened even while she extended holding onto life inside partly open window shouting helplessly below on-looking horrified spectators witnessed this tragedy unfold before them with disbelieve requiring trauma counseling afterwards…

In conclusion, 333 East Ocean Boulevard is more than just another office building; it’s an architectural marvel rich in history and stories about remarkable milestones. We hope our list of facts satisfies your curiosity and encourages you to visit this iconic landmark someday!

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Discovering the Charm of 333 East Ocean Boulevard: Exploring the Heart of Long Beach
Discovering the Charm of 333 East Ocean Boulevard: Exploring the Heart of Long Beach
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