Exploring the Charm and History of 333 S Franklin St, Tampa FL 33602

Exploring the Charm and History of 333 S Franklin St, Tampa FL 33602

All Your Questions About 333 S Franklin St Tampa FL 33602, Answered in This FAQ

Located in the vibrant downtown area of Tampa, Florida, 333 S Franklin St has gained quite a reputation among various clients and visitors. Whether you are a business owner looking for new commercial spaces or someone who’s interested in moving to this part of the city, there might be several questions running through your mind about 333 S Franklin St.

In an attempt to help you out and ease all your doubts regarding this property, we have curated a comprehensive FAQ that covers everything from its history to the amenities it offers. So without further ado, let’s dive into it!

Who owns 333 S Franklin St?

Currently, Wells Fargo Bank is listed as the owner of this luxurious property.

What type of building is it?

The structure at 333 S Franklin St falls under the category of Class A office space buildings. It comprises two towers with thirty-six floors each.

When was it built?

Its construction dates back to 1992 when The Shawmut Center was still being managed by LaSalle Partners Management Services Limited Partnership.

How much office space does it comprise?

With over half-a-million square feet spread across both towers- North Tower (525000 sqft) and South Tower (532409 sqft), tenants will never run short on spacious corporate accommodation options here.

Can I lease some space at 333 S Franklin St?

Yes! Though most offices within 333 S Franklin Street are leased long-term already; however there may be availability in either tower for different sizes companies at any given time. Now depending upon whether you’re searching for coworking spaces or private suites – there sure would definitely be something available that caters to everyone’s budget range!

Do they offer parking amenities onsite?

Absolutely! One can park their cars inside an attached garage boasting over seven hundred spots reserved only for those renting any floor level within these robust high rises not far off Garrison Channel District location next door near Sparkman Warf Marketplace waterfront venue featuring dining & shopping options into a spectacular coastal urban area.

How far is it from Tampa airport?

The distance between 333 S Franklin St and Tampa International Airport (TPA) is not very long, approximately 10 miles or less than half-hour by car. So one can reach here quite easily with public transport services such as taxis, buses, or train-based on their preference and budget.

What amenities does the building offer?

Apart from covered parking spots available for daily commuters or visitors, this property offers some of the top-notch facilities mentioned below:

– Access to high-speed internet
– On-site management office
– Professional grade elevators
– Top-tier security system throughout entire structure.
– Fitness center including lockers and showers – Running track + pool.

We hope that this blog has answered all your questions about 333 S Franklin Street located in downtown Tampa! This iconic commercial space continues to attract businesses, tourists and locals alike due to its location-centric setup coupled with superior access points providing great accessibility across several modes of transportation along with state-of-the-art features sure to please any tenant looking for an inviting environment full-service Class A quality amenities at a fair price point so what are you waiting for? Come and check out everything these towers have to offer today!

Top 5 Must-Know Facts About the Iconic Building at 333 S Franklin St Tampa FL 33602

The iconic building at 333 S Franklin St in Tampa, Florida is a must-see for architecture enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Originally built in the early 1900s as a federal courthouse, this stunning building has gone through several transformations over the years before being transformed into the luxurious Le MĂ©ridien Hotel it is today.

But what makes this building so special? In this blog post, we’ve rounded up the top five must-know facts about this iconic landmark that will leave you awestruck.

1. A Unique History

As mentioned earlier, this exquisite structure was initially constructed as a federal courthouse back in 1905. Designed by architect James Knox Taylor, it’s one of Tampa’s most influential historic buildings due to its architectural significance and rich history. The design features four-story wings on each side of an eleven-story central core with beaux-arts detailing making it stand out among other buildings in downtown Tampa.

2. Artistic Murals By George Snow Hill

When you walk into the Le MĂ©ridien hotel lobby or restaurant area, don’t forget to take a moment to admire artist George Snow Hill’s magnificent murals depicting various scenes from Florida’s past while enjoying cocktails at their chic rooftop bar called “Spire Bar.” These vibrant murals were painted during the Great Depression period -1936 to be exact – as part of Roosevelt’s New Deal program aimed at boosting public morale amidst harsh economic times.

3. Arched Windows & Historic Elevators

One distinct feature of this edifice apart from others is its arched windows featuring intricate details such as keystones carved out of marble blocks! Can you imagine how many hours architects spent chiseling these beautiful designs perfectly?

In addition to these striking arches found around each floor corner along with brass-framed glass panels beside old-school elevator banks visible within pillar-shaped doorways are awe-inspiring sensations that can quickly transport visitors back into time!

4. Former Justice Chambers

The courthouse once accommodated various offices on every floor, including courtrooms and chambers for judges who had their own elevator to access them independently from the public. In later years (after being repurposed into a hotel), some old-timey courtroom settings became stylish venues hosting exclusive events such as weddings or corporate meetings.

5. An Award-Winning Hotel

Le Meridien Tampa FL 33602 is one of the world’s best luxury hotels stylistically wrapped around this stunning piece of architecture listed in the National Register of Historic Places until its closed doors due to declining occupancy rates during economic slump periods circa early 2010s). However, recent renovation projects restored all aspects while preserving original elements creating an award-winning boutique experience today!

In Conclusion

There’s no denying that The Iconic Building at 333 S Franklin St Tampa FL has stood the test of time through multiple generations’ passion for preservation and interest in design history highlighting modern trends blended with classic touches that make it out as strikingly iconic now more than ever before. This steel-framed “beaux-arts” masterpiece serves not only dually functional purposes but adds character to this bustling city’ skyline making it an epitome model worthy of admiration by tourists and locals alike!”

Exploring the Unique History and Features of 333 S Franklin St Tampa FL 33602

Nestled in the heart of downtown Tampa, 333 S Franklin St stands out as a unique and historic building that has been witness to some of the most iconic moments in the city’s history. Once known as The Exchange National Bank Building, this structure embodies both classic and contemporary styles seamlessly. Built-in 1923 by architect Francis J. Kennard and originally designed for commercial use, it was eventually converted into residential lofts by developer Rich Becchetti.

As one walks through the grand entrance with its towering marble columns and art-deco detailing marked on every corner, they can’t help but feel transported back in time to an era when architecture was synonymous with dignity and opulence. In fact, this was once considered one of Florida’s first “sky- scrapers”, standing tall at seven stories high made up entirely of concrete.

However, while maintaining much of its original charm from nearly a century ago—complete with intricate tile work and rich wooden accents—the building now boasts modern amenities such as central air conditioning units installed throughout each unit along with smart appliances including washers/dryers in-suite laundry service (to name just a few).

At present, there are over 100 unique loft-style apartments which collectively span three floors. Each home features open concept floor plans; lofty ceilings reaching approx eight feet + windows framed brilliantly maximizing natural light exposure creating stunning views across all corners – overlooking picturesque views not found anywhere else within the area! Imagine waking up each day gazing onto breath-taking photos worthy landscapes being surrounded inside your own private sanctuary!

One thing noticeable about these residences is their ability to maintain an unparalleled sense of trendy industrial living incorporating whimsical black pipes alongside iron fixtures – gritty yet playful ambiance spans throughout adding character & personality whilst still retaining functionality due to excellent layouts allowing versatility within furnishing options providing tenants flexibility suiting individual preferences making spaces uniquely personalized homes filled with warmth & life befitting any tenant-at-hand catering to all types of lifestyle preferences enabling occupants’ comfort leading to relaxation mode faced after a long busy day.

Adding further appeal, 333 Franklin Street includes additional features such as luxe gaming area with virtual reality rooms for residents’ entertainment along with state-of-the-art fitness room that incorporates high-tech equipment plus expansive recreational space perfect for social outings – showcasing some unique peculiarities embedded within this building concealing various surprises waiting to be discovered!

In conclusion, residing at 333 South Franklin St no doubt provides homeowners thrilling opportunities in both urban-excitement and an upmost elegant living experience. This exquisite community appears rightly positioned near cultural venues providing easy accessibility towards Tampa’s thriving Downtown Scene leaving most wanting nothing more than wanting -as many will attest- “to simply stay” forever!

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Exploring the Charm and History of 333 S Franklin St, Tampa FL 33602
Exploring the Charm and History of 333 S Franklin St, Tampa FL 33602
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